The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Review

This is a game that has been on my radar since it was released, however when it was announced I had no intention of buying it due to the subscription that was required. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t because […]


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Everyone knows my love for Open World Goodness. I love the freedom that these type of games bring, and the fact you can play it in your own way. From looking across social media, expectations were high for this game, […]


Windows 10 – Xbox App Guide.

Here is a look at and a guide to the Xbox App on Windows 10. **Be advised that this has come from the preview build 10074, and isn’t fully complete. Streaming options to Windows 10 OS from Xbox One havent […]


Lifeless Planet Review

This game only came to my attention within the last 48 hours when a person I follow on twitter mentioned and posted a trailer for the game, which as you would imagine piqued Joon’s interest. I went on to research […]


A- Train 3D – City Simulator Review

I love my simulator games, I find them easy going and a game I can relax too. Something that doesn’t take too much effort to concentrate on. I’ve also found that there is a lack of this type of simulator […]


New 3DS Review

The DS range has been around for a number of years, showing up in different forms from the DS, DSi, 3DS and 2DS. Now Nintendo has brought us the ‘New’ 3DS which has several new features added to it. But […]


Tower of Guns Review

How to start this review…. I was a bit unaware of what kind of game I was getting myself into when I started playing Tower of Guns… The first thing that I noticed with it was the graphics, they struck […]


Hand of Fate Review

When I first received this game and did my usual research on it, I was a bit apprehensive, I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. The game was something different to what i’m used to playing, and that’s not […]



This was one of the free games that came with Aprils Games with Gold programme, and after playing Pure Pool when it came out, I was optimistic. I love these games as they’re easy going, laid back type of games […]


Game of Thrones – Episode 2

I have managed to play through the second episode of Game of Thrones from TellTale Games. Off the back of the first episode I would have expected the pace to keep up, there was a fair amount of action and […]