Divinity : Original Sin – Enhanced Edition

by Lurkioon 04/11/2015
  Divinity:Original Sin…….let me start by saying that I have never been a fan of turn based combat RPG. I have neither the patience nor the inclination to plough hours and hours into a game that is not my normal type. This review is based upon a short amount of play time. Graphically it’s very […]

Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition Review

by Joonon 02/11/2015
  I never got to play the first Darksiders game, so I was a bit apprehensive playing this and whether I would understand what was going on. But the game at the start takes you through a tutorial so you can get used to the controls and what Death can do, which is really handy. […]
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Black Ops III Nuk3town Trailer.

by Joonon 31/10/2015
  A new trailer has been launched for Call of Duty Black Ops III – This one showcases the upcoming bonus Multiplayer map Nuk3town. Nuketown has always been a fan favourite since its introduction in Black Ops, and this popularity has seen it been re imaged for Black Ops II and now Black Ops III. […]


Just Dance 2016 Review

by Joonon 29/10/2015
  This is my first experience of a Just Dance Game, other than one Christmas where my younger cousin demanded a dance off with me. Needless to say, it wasn’t a defining moment in my life. The game is simple and does as it says. Just Dance, and I guess that its that simplicity that […]

List Emerges of Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible Launch Games.

by Joonon 29/10/2015
  A list has emerged online of a list of games which claims to be the launch line up for the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility.Nothing official has been announced yet from Xbox regarding which games are going to be in the lineup which will see a huge boost at launch on November 12. You can […]

Xbox One and Xbox 360 GWG Announced for November

by Joonon 29/10/2015
  November’s Games with Gold has been announced. Xbox One see’s Pneuma free from November 1st to 30th and Knight Squad from Nov 16th to Dec 15th. November also sees the introduction of Backwards compatibility which means the 360 games in this list will also be included for you to play on your Xbox One! […]

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